Narrow Gauge North



A 009 layout by Hugh Milward
Scale 009 (4mm/1ft)
Gauge 9mm
Size 70cm x 90cm

My last layout was a fiddle yard to industrial sidings, and so for this layout I wanted a continuous circuit so that at exhibitions I could watch the trains go round and round.

The layout is nearing completion with just some more details to add.

Layout Size
The Layout measures 70cm x 90cm and is free standing on its own legs. The layout height has been deliberately set at a height of 1 metre and 30cm so that it can be viewed through the bridges.

Access is required around one side so that the Operator can view and control the low level section of the layout from the front.

The layout is intended to be a narrow gauge line in an industrial setting, with a canal, factories, tight curves and short sidings. The canal is dirty and run down and is crossed by five bridges carrying tracks to the factories hence the name.

The period is set in the 1930’s – 1940’s

Track Work
Track work is all hand built using Peco 75 code rail and copper clad sleepers, including a three-way point. The points are operated by “Ceep” point motors.

There is a short section of dual gauge track work where the standard gauge comes in to the quay side. This is to EM gauge.

Baseboard Construction
The baseboard is open plan 6mm ply, topped with Sundeala. There is a small “Fiddle Yard” loop at the rear of the layout.

The Layout size was dictated by the boot of my car and the cupboard where I store the layout when not in use.

The back scene and buildings are made from “Wills” plastic sheet and buildings which have been heavily adapted.

Stock is a mixture of kit build and scratch built engines and wagons.