Narrow Gauge North


Lock Wood Wharf

By Philip Lockwood
Scale 4mm
Gauge 9mm
Size 6' x 1'

Lock Wood Wharf represents a return to 009 modelling after building layouts in 4mm standard gauge and building a Swiss layout in 12mm gauge plus excursions Into the garden in 16mm. I call the present model a dalliance in 009. Back in the 1980,s I became a keen modeller of 009 inspired by visits to the meetings at the Kirkby household In Collingham. Recently for a change I looked in the remains of the 009 stock box and found a partly constructed Corris brake van, deciding to complete this resulted in the present layout.

I like to think this represents a possible narrow gauge line somewhere in the East Riding of Yorkshire, not far from the Humber estuary. I always like disused windmills, the one on this model started life as a Costa's coffee cup. The warehouse is based on a real building in Driffield. Much of the other models including the canal boats are scratch built.