Narrow Gauge North



By Roger Epps & Nathan Bridge
Scale HOm
Gauge 12mm
Size 5.25m x 1m

In the Canton of Graubunden at the head of the Valser valley is the village of Vals which sits on one of the tributaries of the river Rhine. In the early 20th century it was proposed that a line should be built from llanz on the Rhaitische Bahn to Vals for tourist travel to the thermal baths and transport of Granite and forestry products.

With the outbreak of World War one in 1914 the proposals were put on hold and after the war ended in 1918 the proposals were never revived. We have decided to model what could have been.

The layout sees passenger and freight services in form of loco hauled and railcar trains. The main source of out going traffic is logs, minerals and Valser water from the newly built bottling plant. The occasional steam hauled heritage train can be seen.

The track work is Peco code 75 HOm track. The point control is DCC powered by a Roco Z21 with Digikeijs point accessory modules powering Peco point motors.

Buildings are a mixture of Kibri and Faller, signals are from Schneider. Scenics are a mixture of Woodland Scenics, Aughagen, Busch and Noch. A faller car system has also been added to the layout.

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