Narrow Gauge North


Grange Road

A 009 layout by Paul Titmuss
Scale 4mm/1ft
Gauge 9mm
Size 3’ x 2’

Grange Road is a narrow gauge railway layout designed to fit into a small space.  It was built with two goals in mind – to construct a layout to completion, and entertain my, then, young son.  Both were achieved after 8 years.

Whilst the railway has no real location there are three railways which have influenced most of the railway stock – the Corris Railway, the Glyn Valley Tramway and the North Wales Narrow Gauge Railway.

All the stock is kit built, the scenery and some buildings are scratch built sometimes using slightly unorthodox techniques.  The station building is inspired by that at Aberllefenni on the Corris Railway, which also occupied a narrow site.

The layout is 3’ x 2’ and with sitting space takes up 5’ x 2’