Narrow Gauge North


Napier Valley Railroad

A layout by Nigel Bowyer
Scale 0n30
Gauge 16.5mm
Size 10’ x 1’6"

The NVR (Napier Valley Railroad) was built in the early 1870’s.  It hauled coal, ore and minerals, plus a few passengers down the valley, along the picturesque route of 32 miles to Union Mount.  It was here that the ‘Narrow Railroad’ interchanged with the ‘Standard Railroad of the World’ - the mighty Pennsylvanian Railroad.

The NVR earned its keep to the end of regular operations in the autumn of 1956.  With the closing of the last mine the NVR quietly closed its doors.  What you see is the end of one of the branches in the last years of operation.

This layout appeared in the September 2007 Continental Modeller. Photographs courtesy of Steve Flint(Continental Modeller)