Narrow Gauge North


Wrose Village

A layout by the Yorkshire Group of the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association
Scale O 16.5
Gauge 16.5mm
Size TBC

This layout is described as 0-16.5 – it is 0 gauge (7mm to the foot or a ratio of 1:43.5) but running on 16.5 mm gauge track (the same gauge as 00 or H0 track). This track work represents a 2’3” prototype gauge; it is proprietary PECO 0-16.5 track.

It is principally designed as a means of running various narrow gauge models – some licence has been used in that many actually ran on 2’ 0” track (which should be 14mm gauge in 7mm:foot) but the existence of many standard components in 16.5 mm make this a common compromise used by many modellers. The curves preclude longer wheelbased rolling stock mainly because of the overhang required and excessively wide clearances required in the tunnels. There is a long term plan to build another layout with shallower curves to allow longer stock.

You may see some American based models – these are 1:48 scale or 0n30 (16.5 mm represents 30 inches in the USA scale).

Originally built by Dave Hodgson in 2002 -3 it is now owned by David Charlesworth and can normally be found in Keighley MRC Clubrooms, South Street, Keighley. Some changes to the original scenery have been made but more is to be done. At the right hand end a new road, with a tram route along with buildings at the back is being constructed; and the retaining wall has recently been renovated. A small gas works is planned for the siding area. There are a number of other details to be added to lend as authentic air to layout as possible.

We are keen to expand our small group so please ask about being involved.