Narrow Gauge North


Great Western Railroad

Great Western Railroad by Norman Raven & Family
Scale On30
Gauge 16.5mm
Size 25’ x 1’6"

Welcome to the Great Western – not the GWR itself, but a fictitious narrow gauge empire in the Washington/Oregon area of the USA in the 1950’s.

The layout is On30 scale – 1/48 models running on HO track – and measures 25’ x 1’6”. It depicts a small section of the GW in early spring. An overnight snow fall will soon melt as the day warms up.

The story is that the original founder of the railroad on a visit to the UK was so impressed with the GWR that he decided to adopt the name for his own putative railroad empire. The railroad has not become the empire envisaged by its owner, but it potters along providing passenger and freight services to the area, and earning some revenue for the shareholders.

The depot serves the local community of Pikesville, and the small industrial area keeps the freight services active. At the other end of the layout the Huckstacker Mining Company is a major local employer and railroad user.

Track is PECO code 100. Although the sleeper spacing is not strictly correct, we can live with it, so as to make use of the larger radius turnouts. Stock is mainly Bachmann with some kit built items. Kadee magnetic couplers give automatic coupling and uncoupling (on a good day!!)

We hope you enjoy the layout. Please feel free to chat.