Narrow Gauge North


Larpool & Easington


Larpool & Easington by Stephen Pugmire
Scale TTn3

Size 24" x 18"






This layout was originally built (unnamed) by J Allan Patmore, it is believed in the early 1970’s with much of the stock pre dating it, and has recently come into the possession of the current owner, following a downsizing move by the original builder.

A small amount of completion and refurbishment has taken place, but it is hoped that the spirit of the original lives on.  The reasoning behind the unusual combination of track/gauge was “I like the small space- but I cannot build in the small scale”, so much use was made of the then fledgling N gauge for loco chassis, whilst TT and Eggerbahn provided much of the support equipment.


Some extra stock has recently been constructed, to fill in gaps in the original stock list, but all have been built to match the original specifications.  This is not a state of the art layout, it is a tribute to the 1960’s and 70’s when scratch building of something different was essential – because only standard items were available (note how over half the locomotives use the same chassis, because it was the only reliable item at the time).


So here we have Larpool and Easington, a small layout that is a bit of fun, and was built for that reason.  The reason for the name- as far as I can make out, all Allan’s layouts appear to have been called that, so why break with tradition!