Narrow Gauge North


Penny Bridge

A 009 layout by Richard Ashworth
Scale 009 (4mm/1ft)
Gauge 9mm
Size 5’ x 7’


Nestled deep in the Yorkshire countryside lies the little village of Penny Woods.  Its name derives from the nearby waterfall and the legend of the fairy, Paene, that lives beneath.

By the late 1960s the Penny Woods quarry had come to the end of its useful life and in 1968 the narrow gauge railway used for transporting the stone was taken over by the newly formed West Yorkshire Light Railway Preservation Society and turned into a tourist line taking visitors from the village to Penny Falls.

The baseboard is open construction, making it very light to transport, until, that is, we added all of the moulded plaster rockwork!

This is, for most of us, our first exhibition layout (one of our team had layouts when he was younger, but that was ages ago!). If you have any questions please ask one of the operators.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Penny Woods