Narrow Gauge North


Hirstwood Lock No.19

A layout by Derek Naylor
Scale : 1/96th
Gauge : Narrow?
Size : 4' x 2'

This is the second real water model I have made.  The first was a Cornish style harbour in which the tide ebbed and flowed.  Pretty simple.  The lock proved.more of a challenge. . In the main is is constructed from plasticard.  It is a freelance model of a narrow canal.  I had looked at a broad canal but the narrow canal was simpler in so much as I could get away with single gates at each end of the lock.  It's about the largest size I felt I could make a portable model.  The scale is 1/96th (1/8 inch to the foot).  The three narrow boats are also scratch built.  They are to small, for me anyway, to fit motors which would also entail radio control.  Instead they are propelled by a "twizzle" stick.  

Questions are welcome.