Narrow Gauge North


High Stamley

A layout by Paul Windle
Scale : 009
Gauge : 9mm
Size : 7' x 2'

It had long been known that a good granite outcrop existed in the hills above Stamley, but with no proper transport it could only be worked in a small way for local use. The coming of the Roth Valley Tramway’s Ramton extension changed this and a short branch line was soon put in from Stamley station. Great things were expected, but with the First World War draining off the quarrymen, then the great depression, somehow the quarry never really seemed to get going.

By the period of the model, around 1935, only small amounts of road stone and paving stones are being produced. Short trains, often mixed, bring up the empty wagons and remove loaded ones, with the odd van or two for the mill behind the station.

Buses now run right up to High Stamley Village, about half a mile further along the valley, so few passengers bother with the train. Lorries too can be seen in the valley; it looks like time is almost up for this little branch line. It will carry on for now, so you can watch the odd wagons going to and fro up the steep incline to the quarry, whilst small trains continue up and down the valley to the main line. Don’t leave it too long – soon it will be silent as the quarry company has ordered a lorry!

When the line’s own Peckett 0-6-0ST is unavailable, trains are worked by locos belonging to the RVT, No.2 an ancient Hudswell Clark 0-6-0T or No. 8, a Hunslet 0-4-2T are the usual visitors. A bigger Hunslet 0-6-2T No.12 appears on occasions.

The Quarry Company usually uses a Kerr-Stuart 0-6-0T. An elderly Bagnall 2-4-0T sometimes takes a turn struggling up the bank and almost sliding back down with full wagons.

The only stock owned by the line is an ancient six wheeled coach and a small brake van. All other stock belongs to the RVT and has been seen on the other sections of the RVT previously exhibited.

The layout will also be appearing at the following shows :-

 York  York Model Railway Show  19-21/02/14