Narrow Gauge North


Goldmire Quarry

A layout by Maurice Bramley, Jack Burnard
Scale : Scale 1:22.5
Gauge : Gauge 45mm
Size : Size 24’ x 10’

Goldmire is our second attempt at a G scale layout.  We wanted a layout on which we could run longer tarins, with longer vehicles.

The setting is purely imaginary, and is based on the closed line from Foxfield Junction to Coniston in the English Lake District.  This line was closed about 1960.  We have assumed that in the 1980-1990 period the line was reopened as a narrow gauge line.  Most of the stock to run the line would have had to be obtained second hand, from other narrow gauge lines, which suits the stock we already run.  The line has assumed the nature of a living museum of local and national railway history.

Goldmire would have been close to Foxfield, and we have assumed it to be the headquarters of the line.  Next to the station is the quarry, from which the layout gets its name, where granite goes to the standard gauge line at Foxfield.

Scenery and buildings are not as numerous as we usually build, as the narrow baseboards do not leave much room for scenery.  Most of the buildings are of minimum size, as scale sized buildings would overwhelm the layout.  Track work is mostly second hand PECO with some new points.  Most of the stock is from the Accucraft range.

If you require any information about the stock or the layout please ask one of the operators.