Narrow Gauge North


Albion Estates

A 1:12 Scale layout by Bill Bateson
Scale 1:12 (1"/1ft)
Gauge 32mm
Size 12’ x 2’3"

Before the advent of reliable road transport and good roads, there were farm railways all over Lincolnshire. They would bring produce in from the fields and send goods to a mainline station.

They often used war surplus rolling stock and varied from single lines to a major hub such as the Nocton Estate.

Albion Estates is rare on two counts. Firstly it is less than two foot gauge and secondly it has survived into the nineteen fifties, although it is unlikely to see the sixties. It is built to 1/12th scale, all the locos and stock being scratch built. The scenery uses item from specialist suppliers and dolls house miniatures.

The farm is home to four cats, one did and a lion.