Narrow Gauge North


Ridge Lane

By Ben Powell
Scale 4mm/ft
Gauge 9mm
Size 6' x 2'

Ridge Lane is little more than a shunting area, where loaded stone wagons are brought down from a quarry by small locomotives and handed over to larger narrow gauge locomotives. These main line engines then take the loaded wagons along the 5 mile route to the LMS loading wharf. At Ridge lane there is a small goods yard, where freight, farm and general supplies are brought up from the town, or left to be loaded onto wagons and taken back down. There is a rudimentary platform to allow passengers to embark on the twice weekly service on market days. The rest of the time, it is deserted.

The layout features a variety of scratch built and kit built locomotives and rolling stock. Along with minimalistic scenery, which hopefully gives a better image of a traditional working narrow gauge railway.