Narrow Gauge North


Coal Valley Mining

By Phil Saint
Scale G
Gauge 45mm
Size 140cm x 70cm

The railway was purchased some years ago from Mike Thornhill (then called the chicken grit.) The idea was to use it as a promotional tool for the society. A lot has happened since then! On one of our first showing it took 2 1/2hrs to get it running. I have since put a lot of hours in making brackets and machining box section steel to fit them., so that now every leg fits anywhere. The track is a single loop with sidings, an industrial feel on side joined by two bridges to a countryside.

Originally built for small fieldbahn locos we can now run most types. Power is supplied by Massoth 1200z and wireless Navigators DCC. Most locos have sound and are “chipped” although analogue ones can be run with a pseudo DC. It is freelance and features German, Swiss & whatever fits in.

Children look out for the Krockodil chasing the hand cart.