Narrow Gauge North


Abbey Light Railway

The Abbey Light Railway are displaying number 11 of the fleet, 0-4-0 petrol mechanical 10hp Baguley in restored condition. The rest of the fleet of 2 foot gauge industrial diesel locos can be seen operating on Sunday 13th March during our Diesel Gala from 1pm until 5pm.

These small locomotives were some of the first petrol locomotives, and were built in 1918 for use on very lightly laid track on the front line in the First World War. They were built as lightweight as possible, but were not a very successful design. The major faults included difficulty in changing gear, as the cone clutch was operated by partially winding on the handbrake, they also had a very high driving position, not preferable in a war zone! Many of these locos were transferred to supply depots and forestry railways where their short wheelbase and ability to run on lightly laid rails was an advantage.

Abbey Light Railway have displayed a number of locomotives at previous exhibitions. Images of some of these locomotives can be seen below.