Narrow Gauge North


Narrow Gauge Railway Museum - Wagon & Carriage Works

An O16.5 layout by Alex Hume
Scale 7mm/1ft
Gauge 16.5mm
Size 8’ x 3’

This layout is part of the much more extensive "Yorkshire Modules" set-up. The Yorkshire group of the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association has devised a system of 3 ft by 18" modules. At the both ends of each module there is 6" of fixed track, carefully aligned so that all the modules fit together. What each member does in between the entry and exit points is their business! This does not lead to a neatly unified theme, with some bizarre juxtapositions when we have "module day", but it does make for some interesting variety! There are also corner 90o corner modules and 180o end modules. At the last count, we have the potential to put together some 60 feet of running line, but have so far not actually managed more than about 30 feet.

Two "normal" modules are presented here at Narrow Gauge North, being a totally non-prototypical museum. The word "museum" allows the running of whatever stock members bring along, plus many other anachronisms, to the annoyance of rivet-counters. At each end of the layout is a non-standard 180o end module, with various scenic features hiding the turns and fiddle yard. As the layout is designed to show what is possible in 7mm NG, four gauges are represented: a static standard gauge spur (to give a sense of scale), the main 3'4" circuit, a 15" shuttle which brings visitors from other parts of the museum, and a 10 1/4" gauge circuit for giving rides. Track is all standard Peco O/16.5, 009 and Z gauge, with Peco points.

The industrial buildings are a mixture of DAS on plywood, embossed Plasticard and Townstreet modular bits, with Port Wynnstay resin windows. Stock is whatever I have bought second hand plus whatever fellow members bring along, as building stock is not my strong point. Indeed, fellow members will tell you they are still trying to find what my strong point is!