Narrow Gauge North


Narrow Gauge North 2002


Participating layouts and displays

A display of 009 models built by members of the Society. The latest edition of the 009 Handbook will also be on sale, together with samples of the monthly edition of the "009 News". If your interest is in 009 modelling this is the place to call, and talk to the experts.

Scale 7mm to 1 ft on 16.5mm gauge
Display stand incorporating a narrow gauge layout. See and buy their range of narrow gauge publications.

An enterprising group of modellers bring their as yet unnamed large eye level layout to NGN. This large dual gauge 32mm and 45mm layout shows 2ft gauge on the 45mm line and is nearly scale for 18" models on 32mm track. In this large scale, small prototypes can be modelled in glorious detail - every rivet can be there and all moving parts are capable of operating. A 'must have' for the detail enthusiast and a boon to those who want to build their own style locomotives in steam or battery electrics.

Come and see a new scale being developed - it is not going to go away!

Brian Love
The layout represents Fallgate station and yard on the Ashover Light Railway sometime in the late 1930's, when, although the mineral traffic (mainly limestone for ballast) for was extant, the passenger service was rapidly declining due to increasing competition from the new bus services. The layout features a fluorspar washer, tarmac plant, yard offices, cottage and other buildings- all scratch built. Rolling stock and locomotives are kit-built.

7mm Narrow Gauge
Howard Martin
The Avalon Line cast resin kits are a range of locos and rolling stock cast resin kits for 7mm narrow gauge. Steam and diesel locos are available for 9mm gauge (representing 15" gauge) and 16.5mm gauge (representing 2' - 2'6" gauges). All are designed to fit proprietary chassis with little or no modification. There is also a range of kits that can be run on 6.5mm ('Z' gauge) that represents 10 1/4" gauge in 7mm scale. All the range are supplied unpainted and are very simple to assemble.

Tor Farm demonstrates the Avalon Line and Black Dog Mining Co range of 7mm narrow gauge kits; hence most of the the stock is from these ranges. In addition there are a number of kits from the Wrightlines and Roy link ranges and some scratch built Z gauge items. The layout demonstrates that an interesting Narrow Gauge layout can be buil in a 4' x 2' space and a number of different gauges can be used.

Howard is also Chairman of the 7mm Narrow Gauge Railway Society and will be pleased to answer any queries.

0n9 (7mm scale on 9mm gauge)
Steve Bennett
The Black Dog Mining co specialise in small space, detailed cameo layouts. For this year we present something new to entertain you. Having in to take into account that time marches on and with this comes deteriorating eyesight and less nimble fingers than before.. we have moved up to a larger scale to see if the same principles that were used in 09 could be applied to the larger size. By choosing 'G' scale and 16.5mm gauge track we have stayed faithful to our 15inch roots with the main advantage being that the parts are much larger. Again a size suitable for a coffee table or something similar has been chosen, to show that large scale need not mean large space.

Chris Towers
Freelance layout with many operating features to entertain young and old alike.

16mm Live Steam
Rob Bennet
Quite the most unusual and atmospheric railway model in 16mm. You really are looking at the hillside villages, bazaars and shanties of the hill railway to Darjeeling. the little trains rattle past this wonderful re-creation of those northern Indian villages taking you up into the hills. You will be enchanted and captivated - not to be missed.

David Rae
Irton Road station on the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway was opened in 1876, when the 3 foot-gauge line built to carry haematite ore from the mines at the head of the Eskdale to the coast started to carry passenger and general goods traffic. Irton road was the only stone built station building on the line, being 4 miles up the valley from Ravenglass. When the line closed in 1912 it lay derelict until revived by WJ Bassett-Lowke and friends as a 15" gauge line. Trains to Irton Road recommenced in 1916 and continue to this day. This model features Irton Road Station as it was in the 1920's to 1950's period.

Alan Parker
Rev Awdry's books brought to life.

John Patrick
A freelance layout depicting the Irish 3' gauge railways.

16mm Live Steam
Assoc of 16mm NG Modellers, Yorkshire Group
The Yorkshire groups three track demonstration layout. perhaps the largest collection of steam loco's on any one railway. Unusual and eccentric locos from around the world and from closer to home. No steam layout has more action on it's tracks.

16mm Live Steam
The largest and best club layout in 16mm gauge by Huddersfield Railway Modellers. Live Steam running through scenes from the Festiniog, Tal-Y-Lyn, Welshpool and LLanfair Welsh Narrow Gauge and the Southwold Railway. Without doubt the finest representaion of scenes from these famous lines ever attempted in this large scale - outstanding.

Its only public exhibition in 2002.

16mm Live Steam
Chris MacKenzie
The layout depicts a scene at the Timpdon Lake Railways engine sheds and Harbour Station. Its the open day, so all the locos are on show and a 7 1/4" miniature railway is giving rides to children. The old works 12 1/4" gauge railway is also operating half scale locomotives. Look out for the working scenic dioramas; cameras flashing, train spotters, working Aldis lamp giving morse code messages, not to mention a welding repairman, a car stuck in the mud and much more. A feast of items to amaze and delight.

Darryl Foxwell
World War 1 front line layout (to be featured in March 2002 Continental modeller)

The layout depicts a little known part of the Great War, the movement of vast quantities of goods by temporary narrow gauge railways. As the conflict wore on, movement of goods along shelled and muddy roads became at times impossible, so all sides in the chaos turned to rail transport. Over 2000 miles of track of 2ft track was laid and a wide variety of locos and rolling stock were developed to suit the conditions. Loco stock includes armoured Simplex, Baldwin 4-6-0's and captured German stock. Wagons include a large number of type D and Type E bogie wagons, American flat cars, Hudson skips and many more.

3mm scale - 1/4" gauge
Derek Naylor
Imaginary Lake District layout complete with lake, boats and passengers, operating log loading facility - as seen in Railway Modeller.