Narrow Gauge North


7 1/4 Gauge Society

On display from the 7¼” gauge society this year will be -

  1. A pair of 7¼” gauge bogie for use under a “Romulus” class steam engine tender
  2. Model of protected Simplex petrol locomotive of works No. 224, built to a scale of 3.625” to the foot, and a freelance wagon based on a Fist World War prototype.
  3. A selection of assemblies for a model of “Russell”
  4. A refurbished wagon body from the Shibden Dale clay mine, originally to a gauge of 1’ 7 ½”, but now mounted on 7 ¼” running gear.

Further information about the society can be found on their website -



In previous years the society has exhibited a number of items -

Erin is a 0-6-0 tank engine with a tender to carry driver, coal and brake gear. She is freelance, with a sweet William chassis, a stretched Romulus boiler and a Bagnall smoke box. She was built in 2001 by Andrew Walton. She is equipped with air and vacuum brakes and has the ability to pull a full passenger train. Erin is mostly based at Echills Wood Railway in Kingsbury Water Park but has visited many other railways across the country.

7¼” Gauge bogie.

This bogie is designed for use on a tender with a Romulus Narrow Gauge loco.

Exhibited by John Nicholson


Wagon/Driving truck

This wagon, with little-known previous history, was originally purchased in 2000. Being unbraked and fitted with wheels resembling non-swivelling flanged castors, it was soon to be refurbished and fitted with 'proper' wheelsets and a braking system. It has a water tank for quenching a steam loco's thirst, coal tray area, and underseat storage for tools (or more likely a lunch box!).  The seat is very comfortable for a day's work on the track, after which the footboards can easily be removed for compact storage and transport.  

Dimensions 37" long, 15" wide (23" inc. footboards).

Owned and exhibited for Narrow Gauge North 2009 by Frank Sidebottom.


0-6-0 Kerr Stuart diesel “4415” and Welsh Highland wagon.

This model was based on the Kerr Stuart diesel No. 4415 that completed trials and was for some time on the Welsh Highland Railway.  This model is powered by a Honda C90 engine use the bike gearbox and a manufactured gearbox to give equal speeds in forward and reverse.  The driving truck is a wagon based on the Welsh Highland wagons.

Exhibited at Narrow Gauge North 2009 by David Hodgson


0-4-0 Motor rail Simplex series wagon 

This loco is a model of a Motor  Rail Simplex series 140G and the model is powered by an electric motor and batteries.  The model loco is 30” long and 14” wide.  There is also a wagon coupled to the loco which is a similar size with brakes and is used as a driving truck.

Exhibited at Narrow Gauge North 2009 by Barry Cook.


0-4-0 Hunslet Quarry Engine and Tender “Idris”.

“Idris” is an 0-4-0 Hunslet Saddle Tank Quarry Engine built to 4” scale. The late Norman Sheard purchased this engine as an early part built model and completed to the very high standard.  The engine won a silver medal at the Harrogate Model and Model Engineering Show.  This engine has run at many 7 ¼” gauge railways all over the U.K. and has completed a large mileage.  Its present owner Mr Dennis Wardman purchased the engine in 2008.




2 Truck Shay Locomotive 


Two truck vertical boilered Shay locomotive class “A” built in 1884 with the model completed by Paul Frank circa 1999. The main chassis superstructure was built from wood as these were primarily built for logging where the lines were poorly laid. 

The model was exhibited here by Mr David Burleigh.