Narrow Gauge North


009 Society

We aim to cater for all aspects of small scale narrow gauge railway modelling, both for the beginner and the experienced modeller alike, for the scratch-builder. the kit builder and the modeller who prefers proprietary ready to run equipment. Whether you are an active modeller or an armchair modeller, you will find a welcome in the 009 SOCIETY.

The majority of our members work in 00 or H0 scales. By using a track gauge of 9mm they are able to model narrow gauge railways with prototype gauges between 1'10" and 2'6" (that is 570mm and 760mm). The use of one common track gauge has the advantage that members can operate their 009 and HOe rolling stock on other layouts. Some of our members who scratch-built chassis use exact scale gauges to represent particular railways and a few use Z gauge equipment to represent 18" gauge prototypes. An increasing number of our members are using 12mm gauge track and equipment to model prototype railways with gauges of 3'0" (00 scale) and 1 metre (HO), with a number using HOn3 (10.5mm gauge) for American 3' gauge lines.

Modelling interests vary considerably. Many members follow British narrow gauge practice, encapsulating the wide variety of railways to be found, from the small and often obscure mineral and industrial lines to such major "main line" undertakings as the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway. Some model the Irish or Manx 3-feet gauge prototypes on 12mm gauge. Also, a large number of our members' interests lie further afield. in the secondary lines of France or Spain perhaps, or the mountain "main lines" of Switzerland or Austria. American narrow gauge railways hold a particular fascination for many of our members, whilst others model the British Colonial narrow gauge lines. Whatever your narrow gauge interests, you will find that the 009 SOCIETY has something to offer you.

Please see the 009 Society website - for further information about the society.