Narrow Gauge North


Minimum Gauge Models

Having an etching background and also a long standing interest in model railways, it seemed natural to combine the two together.

When challenged to create a display layout to demonstrate the versatility of etching, I accepted readily. The resultant model made its début at Warley Show in 2010, and included plants, details, locos and coaches, all of them etched.

Following the positive feedback received, I investigated the potential for producing these etches commercially, along with expanding the range, both of models and scales available.

Hence, Minimum Gauge Models was born.

Our kits are carefully designed to assemble straightforwardly, whilst also taking advantage of the quality of detail available from etching, to produce distinctive and attractive models for a sensible price.

Customer feedback is welcome. We would love to hear what you enjoyed about our kits and anything you did not. Also, ideas on how we could improve our products and things you’d like to see in future.

Happy Modelling!