Narrow Gauge North



A 1/4in to 1 foot (1:48) layout by Peter Kazer
Scale 1/4in/1ft
Gauge 3/4in
Size 10’ x 3’

The Southwold Railway was constructed in 1878, to connect Southwold on the Suffolk coast with Halesworth on the Great Eastern main line from Ipswich to Yarmouth, as a 3’ gauge rural mixed carrier.  It ran profitable, until with the increasing competition from road transport, its owners threw in the towel before incurring any losses in 1929.  However the company continued to exist until recent years.

The model is one of the intermediate stations.  Blythburgh being approximately in the middle of the 9 mile railway was the only passing place, and being adjacent to the A12, more prominent than the other intermediate stations.  It has been built on a minimalist approach to try and kick start both of us from a long period of modelling inactivity.  Being at the unusual scale, it has entailed scratch building every aspect of the model.

We hope you find our efforts of interest, and are happy to answer any questions you may have.