Narrow Gauge North



A layout by David John
Scale : 7mm : 1 Foot
Gauge : 14mm
Size : 8' x 2'

Rhyd is a model of an imaginary branch terminus of the narrow gauge Ffestiniog Railway in North Wales. It depicts a station that was built in the yard of a much older slate mill when the original tramway was upgraded for passenger use. It is in the heart of a typical North Wales village clinging to the mountainside.

The model is in ‘0’ scale, 7mm to the foot, with a track gauge of 14mm, giving the 2 foot gauge of the real thing; the scale is known as 014. This scale has very limited trade support and everything on the layout is either scratch- or kit-built.

Most of the locomotives and rolling stock are models of vehicles still running on the Ffestiniog Railway today, but the timescale of the layout is deliberately ambiguous to allow the running of models of engines and trains that are now long gone.

If you require further information, please ask the operators or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We would also be delighted if you sent your favourite photographs of the model to the same address. For more general information you could also contact the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association on The layout has featured appeared in Narrow Gauge and Industrial Review and British Railway Modelling.