Narrow Gauge North



A layout by Dave Howsam
Scale : HOm
Gauge : 12mm
Size : 7' x 3'

Untermutten is imagined to be on the Albula line of the metre gauge Rhätische Bahn in Switzerland. In reality it is served by post bus from Thusis. This basic layout was developed simply to run my stock, nearly all Bemo, which had been unused since the disposal of my first H0m effort Obermutten. This sets the period as late eighties.

The station itself is on one baseboard to avoid a join in the overhead wires (which do not power the locos) and just accommodates a four coach train plus "luggage" van. An 8 road traverser, using extending drawer runners, is used for train storage. It takes longer to set up a road with the traverser than with points but gives more, and longer, trains. A train turntable and cassettes have now been added to give a greater variety of operation and stock.

Trackwork is Bemo with their code70 (Shinohara) track in the station & the original track elsewhere. A combination of the Bemo 330mm & 376mm set radius curves is used. Points are powered by Bemo motors using brass strip for linkage. Point lanterns work from the points with a replacemnet operating wire. Ballasting is carefully carried out using Woodlands Scenics. The station building, farm and hotel (inspired by the Hotel Grischuna at Filisur) are from Kibri kits and a Fides kit provides the toilet, but the trafo tower is a finished Bemo model. Landscaping uses Woodlands Scenics and Anita Decor whilst the trees, made from sea moss, are treated with the latter's foliage. Repa/Bemo uncouplers with a new ramp, original Bemo signals and a D & R bell unit complete the scene. Note the rural scene is not over populated and passengers were not allowed on the platform before the arrival of the train - the approach of which is announced by bells. Trains were not allowed to enter the staion from opposite directions at the same time.

**{Trains operate to a sequence assuming Untermutten not to be a normal crossing point for passenger trains. Glacier and Bernina Expresses pass through or overtake without stopping.}**

Please do ask if you want further information regarding anything on the layout.